How To Download Movies from the Internet To Watch On Your TV

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In this article, we will look at how to download movies from the Internet to watch on your TV.

For years, most of you have been renting your movies at Blockbuster.  Blockbuster then had some fierce competition from Netflix, who delivered DVD movies right to your doorstep.  The convenience of this trumped having to go to the video store to rent your movies.  Plus, Netflix has a great website that provides suggestions and recommendations which people love.  Blockbuster then implemented the same idea as Netflix and is struggling to catch up.

However, with each of these solutions, there is still a slight inconvenience.  You must still receive the DVD in the mail and then send it back to get your new movies sent to you.

If you have ever wondered, “Why can’t I just download movies from the Internet?” instead of having to send a DVD back and forth, you are not alone.   This is the ultimate in convenience…and it exists today.

Both Netflix and Amazon on Demand began offering movies online in the past couple years.  Instead of having a physical DVD, you can now simply download movies.

In the beginning, this service was not widely popular because the viewer had to watch the movies on his or her computer, which is not near the same viewing experience as watching the movie on the Top LCD TVs.  A few people learned How To Connect Computer to TV and thus were able to watch movies from their computer on their TV set.

However, now the game is changed with the Roku Digital Video Player.    This device, already voted one of the Best Christmas Gifts for 2009, connects to both your TV and the Internet at the same time and allows you to watch movies immediately…with no DVD to send back and forth.

There are a few other ways to do this as well.  The latest Tivo DVR also adds the ability to download movies from Netflix and Amazon on Demand.  And, if you have a Sony Bravia, or a Panasonic Viera Cast TV, you do not even need extra hardware.  These TVs enable an Internet connection which allow you to connect directly to Amazon On-Demand.

So, if you are still going to the video store OR having DVDs sent to your house, you’re rollin’ old school.  Get with the times and learn How To Download Movies from the Internet To Watch On Your TV.

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Richard CummingsHow To Download Movies from the Internet To Watch On Your TV

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