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Blog Topics: Blog About Everything or Find Your Niche?

I decided to create a blog about 3 months ago.  I decided to completely ignore the one piece of advice given to make your blog successful. Today, I will probably spend about 3 hours writing this post: Blog Topics:  Blog About Everything or [...]

10 Reasons Why Not to Host Your WordPress Blog on a Windows/IIS Platform

I’m sitting here on the phone with iPower,  my web hosting company, who has been going through a lot of changes lately.  Since I have been on hold for 45 minutes now, I have decided to write a post about “10 Reasons Why Not to [...]

Put MP3 Files On Your WordPress Blog (and avoid the chipmunk effect)

Last week, I wanted to put .mp3 files on my WordPress blog. Easy, right? Well, this one fit into the category of “should be quick and easy but wasn’t.”

Ten Things Every New Blogger Must Know

Initially, it seems like such an easy idea.  “I have ideas and I want to share them.  I’m going to setup up a blog and everyone will want to read what I have to say.  Maybe I’ll even make money!”  It’s not [...]

New Bloggers: Three WordPress Forum Rules You Must Know

First off, I want to send a big thank you to all of those people on the WordPress forums who have helped me and helped others.  As someone relatively new to blogging, your help has been indispensable.  Many new people join the WordPress [...]

Building Blog Traffic: A Cautionary Tale

Building Blog Traffic:  A Cautionary Tale I don’t always treat myself like I treat my clients.  With my clients, I always use a measured, methodical approach.  When it’s just me, sometimes I just jump right into the fray.